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Tradition Care Funeral Service Obituaries

Introducing Tradition Care Funeral Service: A Beacon of Comfort in Pleasant Hill, CA

When faced with the loss of a loved one, finding a funeral home that can provide compassionate and personalized care is essential. In Pleasant Hill, CA, Tradition Care Funeral Service stands out as a trusted and dedicated provider of funeral services. Located at 2255 Morello Ave, this esteemed funeral home has been serving the local community with dignity and respect for years.

A Legacy of Excellence and Compassion

Tradition Care Funeral Service is built on a foundation of excellence, compassion, and a deep understanding of the needs of grieving families. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every family receives the care and attention they deserve during their time of need. With a focus on creating meaningful and personalized ceremonies, Tradition Care Funeral Service helps families celebrate the lives of their loved ones with dignity and respect.

Tradition Care Funeral Service

Address: 2255 Morello Ave, Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523
Phone Number: (925) 827-2911
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Chang Pae - November 16, 1951 - April 28, 2024

Departed: 04/28/2024 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Chang Pae.
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Demetrio Oliver Romero - December 22, 1966 - April 05, 2024

Departed: 04/05/2024 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Demetrio Oliver Romero.
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Jose Manuel Romo Arenas - August 11, 1979 - April 05, 2024

Departed: 04/05/2024 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Jose Manuel Romo Arenas.
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Anthony W. Katrones - September 09, 1959 - January 01, 2024

Departed: 01/01/2024 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: Anthony "Tony" W. Katrones, 64, of Bay Point, California, passed away surrounded by his family on Monday, January 1, 2024. Tony was born on September 9, 1959 in Fairfield, California to Frances and Manuel Katrones Sr. He is preceded by his parents, his brother Manuel Katrones Jr., and his son Duane Fussell.
Tony was a hard working man and an over achiever; anybody who has worked with him would say so. He dedicated 30+ years of his life as an industrial painter, even contributing his talents to the beauty of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges.
Tony was also a loving, caring, family man. He was quiet but also one of the biggest jokesters one could ever meet. He always put others over himself going out of his way to give extravagant gifts. That was just the type of man Tony was.
Tony is survived by his sisters Denise, Karen and Angel; his brother Timothy; his daughters Jami, Nicole and Jennifer; his two grandchildren Alexander and Talia; plus numerous other friends and family.
The world is diminished because he is gone, but it's still a better place because he was here.
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Melvin Williams - September 11, 1950 - December 15, 2023

Departed: 12/15/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Melvin Williams.
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Ned Gamsky - March 29, 1931 - November 21, 2023

Departed: 11/21/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: Edward T. “Ned” Gamsky, age 92 of Lafayette, CA passed away peacefully November 21, 2023.
Ned was born on March 29, 1931 in Oshkosh, WI. He was united in marriage to Joan M. Koch on December 26, 1953. Together they lived for many years in both Wauwatosa, WI and Fort Myers, FL. Ned thrived on new adventures and enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, hunting, traveling, tennis, golf and being with his family.
Survivors include his children, Thomas Gamsky (Berit Fuglsang), Teresa (Mike) Schlichting; sister Josephine “Joby” (Gamsky) Marx; grandchildren Nathaniel (Katherine) Gamsky, Samuel (Ayoda Werede) Gamsky, Sven (Amiya Kahn Tietz) Gamsky, Regina Schlichting, Clai Schlichting, Annie Schlichting, Alexa Adams and Colton Adams; and great-grandchildren Sloane and Mathias Gamsky. Ned was preceded in death by his wife, Joan M, (Koch) Gamky; parents, Edward “Eddie” Gamsky and Theresa “Letta” Fieweger; and his daughter, Amelia (Gamsky) Adams. In lieu of memorials, please cherish the ones you love, hug and be with each other as much as possible.
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R. Wayne Piercy - October 18, 1957 - October 28, 2023

Departed: 10/28/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: Raymond Wayne Piercy was born on October 18th 1957 to Raymond and Anona Piercy in Oakland CA. He was the youngest of 5 children. He was proceeded in death by his parents as well as his brother Ken, and sister LaRae, and his daughter Sophia. He is survived by his sister Gayle, his brother Dan, His wife Georgia, His children and their spouses, and his 7 grandsons and 5 granddaughters. He grew up in Concord CA and had a typical 1960s childhood. In High school he discovered his passion for carpentry which led to his lifelong career as a carpenter. Wayne and Georgia met in 1985 and Sophia, Georgia’s daughter fell in love with him first, and would tell him “I want you to be my daddy”. Well, she got her wish and they were married on August 16, 1986. They had 5 children together, who are now married with children of their own- Christina and Brandon , Nigel and Joelle, Rebekah and Daniel, Hannah, and Leah and Eddie. Wayne was a devoted provider, and a fun and involved father. He instilled a love for adventure and the outdoors in his children with their many family camping trips and outdoor activities.
Wayne was a man of abundant talent and had several interests and hobbies. He enjoyed ski trips in his youth and cooking for his family. He possessed unmatched craftsmanship in his woodworking skills, some of which included millwork, furniture, carving, and even innovative children’s toys. He built everything from dollhouses to our houses. Its hard to find something he didn’t put his hands to. He was determined in all that he did, a self learner, and had unbridled artistic talent. He taught himself the art of macrame, beadwork, languages, and he played the piano by ear. He was a talented painter and gardener, and he loved singing, which you would have been lucky to witness at one of his epic karaoke nights.
A big part of his life was camping with his family. He always went the extra mile to make sure everyone had a fun and memorable time. He would take the time to go up early to secure a good spot and set up an awesome camp, to canoe around the lake to find the perfect spot to set up the zip line, and bring extra equipment like paddle boards and kayaks to ensure a good time. He taught his family the art of making the perfect s’more, how to dive for abalone and how to gather muscles for a fresh seafood feast back at camp. Wayne had many good qualities and attributes. He was always willing to lend a hand and share his talents to help others. He was a hard worker and kept busy with countless projects. He always wanted to try new things whether it was spearfishing, slack lining, scuba diving, or snowboarding... He was the ultimate DIYer before DIY was even a thing. He made his children innovative toys- some of which might be considered dangerous by todays standards, a macrame hammock, a huge car rack for an oversized canoe for the top of his Prius, or even attempting to make his own ham by curing a wild boar in the back room. He was a frugal man, sometimes to a fault. He saved money by making anything he could instead of buying it, reusing things in creative ways, and never wanting to waste food- so much so, that he would
make his kids slurp spilt milk off the table, or eat expired food. And don’t put your money where his mouth is, cause he’d win every time.
In February of 2021 Wayne was diagnosed with colon cancer which ultimately led to his early retirement. He took full advantage of his time and freedom. In between his chemotherapy treatments he took many trips with his wife and family. He was able to see some amazing places, like Mt. Rushmore, Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, the Sawtooth Mountains and Crater Lake, just to name a few. He kept going and helping even when he didn’t feel well. He helped Nigel build a tiny house in 2 months, helped with projects at his children's homes, and continued work around his house. He also changed his health habits for the better which was a big deal for him.
In his later years Wayne was a lost man. Earlier this year he reluctantly agreed to attend a Celebrate Recovery meeting with his friend Jerry, which is a faith based group who’s purpose is to offer freedom from life’s hurts, hangups, and habits. Though he was skeptical of the process, he kept going back. He did tell the group one week and I quote “I could sooner believe in Santa than Jesus”. Well, the very next week he had some different news for them. It was May of 2023 and his old friend, Mike, took him out to lunch and he gave his life back to the Lord. We prayed for that day for many, many years. God is so faithful. Everyone could see the Holy Spirit’s work in his life and the positive change it produced. If you knew him, you knew he was a critic. At a family gathering one night, Wayne said ‘I watched Daniel bbq, and didn't correct him once. That’s how you know I have the Holy Spirit!’. And while that is a lighthearted example, it shows the real changes that translated into everyday life. He went from scoffing at prayer, to praying humbly to his Lord. Georgia and Wayne were able to worship the Lord together, which was such a sweet and healing time for them. The Lord heals us when we surrender to Him and worship Him. Wayne was willing to open up in his Celebrate Recovery group and answer hard questions, and was always willing to be honest and vulnerable, which was something people appreciated and looked up to. He made the decision to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and was baptized on September 24th.
Wayne was the best Papa ever to his 12 grandchildren. Ava said she never knew what real camping was until Papa introduced them to it and she now shares that love with him. Owen was inspired by Papa to be the adventurous and social person he is today. Auby said Papa always listened when she talked to him. Sophie admired his willingness to try new things and has adopted that attribute as part of who she is. Judah loved that he never quit. Broden remembers how he would make him wooden toy weapons and take him hiking and rock climbing. Jeremy said he loved that Papa shared his scooter with him. Audri appreciated how he would spend time with them and read books to them. Branson loved how crafty Papa was, and how he built so many things, which was something most of the grandkids mentioned.
Calia loved how they would feed the fish together and Jasen loved how Papa would swing him on the tree swing.
We know that all things work together for good to those who love God and that was evident in Wayne’s last days and in the days following his passing. And while we were praying for physical healing, we also surrendered to Gods will. We had our trust in him and ultimately He knew best. The miracle of Wayne's testimony and his change of heart was humbling to witness. It brought his family closer together and stretched and grew them. Just as precious metals must be refined by fire to remove impurities, we must walk through fire to refine us, remove impurities in our lives, and make us usable by God. Waynes passing is one such fire, and we see Gods work in it in our lives. Many, many years ago, Wayne grafted an olive branch onto his olive tree. Over the years this particular branch was tested. One year it was cut off and everyone thought it was a goner. It looked like there was no hope for that branch. But, somehow it hung on. It lived, and today it is a strong branch, just as much a part of the tree as the other branches. You can see the scars where it was grafted on. That olive branch is a picture of Waynes story. By Jesus’ scars he was grafted into the family of Christ. When things seemed hopeless, there was hope. The olive branch is a symbol of reconciliation, healing, victory, and above all peace. Our dad is now reconciled to our Father in heaven, he is completely healed, he has victory in Christ, and he is living in peace with our Savior. All glory be to God.
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Michael Mendoza Perez - July 21, 1953 - October 22, 2023

Departed: 10/22/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Mike.
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John Joseph Hesse Jr - October 14, 1943 - October 21, 2023

Departed: 10/21/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for John Joseph Hesse Jr.
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Albert John Sauvadon - October 02, 1938 - October 20, 2023

Departed: 10/20/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: With great sadness, The Sauvadon Family announces the passing of a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather, Al Sauvadon on Friday, October 20, 2023, in Discovery Bay, California surrounded by family.
Al’s achievements in his career and personal life have made him the person we adored and loved. Even though he struggled at a young age to learn English he overcame and, in his words, became a “true American”, he became a prominent motivational speaker in the pupil transportation industry where he made his career. After 31 years, Al retired as Director of Operations and Transportation for the Lucia Mar Unified School District on the Central Coast in California. He went on to become the West Coast Administrative Vice President for Student Transportation of America (STA) and was Public Relations Administrator for STA until his death. Al also spent many years with the California Highway Patrol as a volunteer community officer in San Luis Obispo County. Al proudly served in the United States Air Force as a young man which set the foundation of the man we know today.
Al had a passion for two truly American cars, “the Jeep” that liberated France and “the Chevrolet Corvette”. He has owned five of each throughout the years and enjoyed all of them. His love for these American icons began in 1954 upon his arrival to the United States from France and has lasted to this day. One of his favorite pastimes was to drive his “Corvette” along California Highway 1, with the top down, and with his wife Paula sitting beside him singing Elvis Presley tunes. This was a big part of his “American Dream”. He adored and loved Paula with all his heart.
Al was a religious man (a Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus) and attended mass regularly. He was also an enthusiastic community participant, belonging to numerous local and civic organizations. He was very patriotic and extremely supportive of the military, law enforcement, and national security, Al was a loyal American citizen and believed that the United States is the greatest country in the world.
Al is survived by his wife Paula and children Terrie, Gary, Michele, and Anna, (son George and daughter Susie passed away at an early age in their lives). He also is survived by four-grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Al was loved and admired by all that knew him, and he will be deeply missed by his family and many friends. Al will be laid to rest at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery with full military honors in Northern California. Anyone who knows Al knows how much he loved pomp and circumstance.
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Andrew D. Cao - August 28, 1946 - October 18, 2023

Departed: 10/18/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Andrew D. Cao.
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Tetiana Skliar - February 02, 1938 - October 17, 2023

Departed: 10/17/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Tetiana Skliar.
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Antonia Abbott - January 17, 1939 - October 14, 2023

Departed: 10/14/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Antonia Abbott.
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John Andrew Montagh - March 04, 1936 - October 13, 2023

Departed: 10/13/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for John Andrew Montagh.
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Joseph P. Destasi - February 23, 1957 - October 02, 2023

Departed: 10/02/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Joseph P. Destasi.
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Gretchen H. Miller - September 21, 1923 - September 30, 2023

Departed: 09/30/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Gretchen H. Miller.
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Renee Mendell - November 21, 1927 - September 29, 2023

Departed: 09/29/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Renee Mendell.
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Rodante Lopena Rongavilla - March 29, 1959 - September 25, 2023

Departed: 09/25/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Rodante Lopena Rongavilla.
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Wing Fong Lee - March 10, 1924 - September 20, 2023

Departed: 09/20/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Wing Fong Lee.
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John S. Solis - July 02, 1923 - September 11, 2023

Departed: 09/11/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for John S. Solis.
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Carol E. Magers - May 02, 1938 - August 29, 2023

Departed: 08/29/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Carol E. Magers.
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John W Ballou - February 04, 1947 - August 28, 2023

Departed: 08/28/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview:
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Donna J Rago - November 21, 1948 - August 28, 2023

Departed: 08/28/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Donna J Rago.
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Stanley Zukowski - May 28, 1934 - August 27, 2023

Departed: 08/27/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Stanley Zukowski.
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Lola M Fellinger - September 18, 1940 - August 26, 2023

Departed: 08/26/2023 (Pleasant Hill)
Obituary Preview: An obituary is not available at this time for Lola M Fellinger.
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Tradition Care Funeral Service offers a comprehensive range of funeral services designed to meet the unique needs of each family. From traditional funerals and cremations to memorial services and celebrations of life, their team will work closely with you to create a personalized tribute that honors your loved one's memory. They also provide pre-planning services, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their final arrangements and alleviate the burden on their loved ones.

Cremation Services with Dignity and Respect

For those who prefer cremation, Tradition Care Funeral Service offers a range of options to suit individual preferences. Their state-of-the-art crematory ensures that every cremation is performed with dignity and respect, and they offer a variety of urns and containers to choose from. Whether you're looking for a direct cremation or a more elaborate ceremony, their team will guide you through the process with compassion and understanding.

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At Tradition Care Funeral Service, every funeral ceremony is tailored to reflect the personality, interests, and accomplishments of the deceased. Their team will work closely with you to incorporate personal touches, such as favorite music, flowers, or memorabilia, into the service. They also offer a range of funeral merchandise, including caskets, vaults, and monuments, to help you create a lasting tribute.

Supporting You Through Grief

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, but Tradition Care Funeral Service is committed to supporting you throughout your grief journey. They offer bereavement resources, including counseling services and support groups, to help you cope with your loss. Their team is also available to provide guidance on navigating the complex process of planning a funeral or memorial service.

A Commitment to Community

Tradition Care Funeral Service is deeply rooted in the Pleasant Hill community and is dedicated to giving back. They participate in local events and charities, supporting organizations that benefit the community. By choosing Tradition Care Funeral Service, you're not only receiving exceptional funeral care but also supporting a business that cares about its neighbors.

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If you're facing the loss of a loved one or would like to learn more about Tradition Care Funeral Service's offerings, please don't hesitate to contact them. Their compassionate team is available 24/7 to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer support during your time of need. Reach out today to discover why Tradition Care Funeral Service is the trusted choice for funeral care in Pleasant Hill, CA.

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Obituaries serve as a way to inform friends, family, and community members of a person's passing, allowing them to pay their respects and offer condolences. They also provide a sense of closure and help to celebrate the life of the deceased.

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Typically, an obituary is written by a family member or close friend of the deceased, with the assistance of a funeral home or obituary writer. In some cases, the deceased may have written their own obituary in advance.

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Need a Eulogy?
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Writing a eulogy for a loved one you have just lost, can be both challenging and painful. Alongside the pressure of delivering a meaningful tribute in front of other funeral guests.

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