Our Leadership Team

Use this section to learn more about the Eulogy Assistant Leadership Team. The experts who work day-in-day-out to support our customers
eulogy assistant jeffery isleworth

Jeffery Isleworth

Managing Editor

Jeffery Isleworth, the Founder & Managing Editor of Eulogy Assistant, is a pioneer in the realm of eulogy and funeral speech writing. With a rich background in writing and public speaking, Jeffery has dedicated his career to crafting heartfelt tributes that genuinely capture the essence of individuals' lives. His commitment to honoring each life with dignity and his empathetic approach have comforted countless families worldwide. Since founding Eulogy Assistant in 2014, Jeffery's vision has guided the company to international recognition, helping tens of thousands navigate the complexities of loss with grace and professionalism.

eulogy assistant clare mitchell

Clare Mitchell

Head of Funeral Tributes

Clare Mitchell leads the Funeral Tributes Department at Eulogy Assistant with a deep-seated passion for creating personalized tributes. As the founder of FuneralTributes.com, Clare brought her specialized expertise to the team, ensuring that each eulogy resonates deeply with families and friends. Her work is characterized by a unique blend of compassion and creativity, making her an invaluable asset in helping individuals honor their loved ones in a manner that's both meaningful and memorable.

eulogy assistant zachary scott

Zachary Scott

Head of Funeral Advice

Zachary Scott, at the helm of the Funeral Advice Department, is known for his comprehensive insights into the funeral industry. His leadership in the Good Funeral Awards before joining Eulogy Assistant has been pivotal in recognizing excellence within the sector. Zachary's expertise and dedication to providing supportive guidance have significantly enriched Eulogy Assistant's offerings, helping families find solace and understanding during times of grief.

eulogy assistant nathaniel weaver

Nathaniel Weaver

Head of Funeral Home Advice & Reviews

Nathaniel Weaver, the visionary founder of Weaver Funeral Home, now directs our Funeral Home Advice & Reviews Department. His compassionate leadership and extensive experience in funeral home management have been instrumental in guiding families through their most challenging times. Nathaniel's commitment to delivering empathetic, comprehensive advice has made him a trusted figure for those seeking to navigate the intricacies of funeral planning with dignity and respect.

eulogy assistant frank weber

Frank Weber

Cremation Advice

Frank Weber, the founder of Weber Funeral Home, leads the Cremation Advice Department at Eulogy Assistant. His expertise in cremation services offers peace of mind to individuals and families looking for guidance in this area. Frank's approachable manner and thorough understanding of the cremation process ensure that every family receives the support they need to make informed decisions, reflecting their loved ones' wishes and honoring their memories.