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Writing A Eulogy For A Brother Who You Are Mad At

Writing A Eulogy For A Brother Who You Are Mad At

Writing A Eulogy For A Brother Who You Are Mad At Table of Contents

Finding the right approach

Structuring the eulogy

Frequently Asked Questions

Coping with the loss of a loved one is always difficult, but losing a brother with whom you've had strained relationships can be particularly challenging. During this time, you may be asked to write a eulogy for your late sibling. Although your feelings may be complex, this not only offers you the opportunity to pay your last respects but also provides a chance for healing and reconciliation. To help you navigate through this tough process, we've prepared a guide on writing a eulogy for a brother who you are mad at.

Finding the right approach

When beginning your eulogy, consider the tone and approach that will best represent your brother's life, as well as the feelings of the bereaved family and friends. Remember, this eulogy will be shared with others, so ensure your words bring comfort and closure.

Reflect on positive memories and qualities

To provide a balanced portrayal of your brother, focus on the good aspects of your relationship and his personality. Recall shared experiences that brought joy or laughter, his achievements, and what you admired about him.

  • Did he have any remarkable skills or talents?
  • What were his passions and interests?
  • Did he have any favorite sayings or jokes?
  • Did you have any cherished family traditions?

Accept and acknowledge the complexities of your relationship

It's essential to recognize that your relationship with your brother was complicated, and that's okay. Be honest about your feelings, but avoid focusing on negative experiences or disagreements. Instead, emphasize the lessons learned from your brother and the desire for reconciliation.

Acknowledge his impact on others

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Regardless of the issues between you two, your brother may have touched the lives of many others. Include anecdotes from friends or family members that highlight his positive attributes and the impact he made on them.

Structuring the eulogy


Begin your eulogy by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship with your brother. Mention that, despite your differences, you come together today to honor and celebrate his life.


In this part, share the memories and impressions that defined your brother for you and others. Organize them into themes or chronological order, and avoid dwelling on unresolved issues. Remember to illustrate his positive qualities, interests, and accomplishments.


Wrap up your eulogy with a few final, heartfelt thoughts. Thank the attendees for their presence, express wishes for peace and healing for your brother and your family, and end with a meaningful quote or verse that captures the essence of his life.

Writing A Eulogy For A Brother Who You Are Mad At Example:


Good morning, my name is [Your Name], and I am [Deceased Name]'s sibling. It's no secret that our relationship had its challenges, but today, I stand before you to honor and celebrate my brother's life.


Although we had our differences, I cannot deny that my brother was a talented musician. His love for music was evident from a young age, and it was something that always brought him joy. I will forever cherish the memories of us listening to his favorite bands together, and I am grateful for the way it enriched our relationship.

Moreover, [Deceased Name] had an incredible impact on those around him. He was an unwavering supporter of his friends and always took the time to listen to their troubles. As much as we had our disagreements, I cannot deny what a strong and loyal friend he was to those who knew him best.


In closing, I hope that we can all take something away from my brother's life. Maybe a lesson, a loving memory, or even a newfound appreciation for music. In the spirit of healing and reconciliation, I wish my brother peace, and may we all find comfort in each other's presence. As poet Maya Angelou once said, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Thank you all for being here today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a eulogy for my brother if I have unresolved anger towards him?

Yes, you can write a eulogy for your brother even if you have unresolved anger toward him. A eulogy can be a part of the healing process and a way to express complex feelings about your relationship.

Is it okay to mention conflicts in the eulogy?

While you may acknowledge that your relationship was complex, a eulogy is generally not the appropriate time to detail conflicts. Instead, focus on shared memories or lessons learned that may resonate with others mourning the loss.

How can I manage my anger while writing the eulogy?

Acknowledge your feelings privately and consider seeking the support of friends, family, or a professional to process your emotions. While writing the eulogy, focus on the positives and the person's life achievements.

What are some tips for writing a eulogy for someone I had a difficult relationship with?

Try to find balance by mentioning the good times you shared and the impact your brother had on others. Being honest yet respectful is important. If you find this extremely challenging, you might only speak to your brother’s contributions and what he meant to others.

Should I speak at my brother's funeral if I'm still angry with him?

The decision to speak at the funeral is a personal one. If you believe it would be too emotionally challenging, it is acceptable to have someone else read your prepared words or to choose not to speak at all.

What if I cannot find anything positive to say in the eulogy?

Consider asking other family members or friends for their positive stories and incorporate those into the eulogy. Every person has many facets, and others may be able to offer a perspective that you hadn’t considered.

How do I handle questions about my brother's absence from my life in the eulogy?

It's possible to briefly acknowledge that your relationship was not typical without going into details. You might say something like, "While our paths diverged in life, his influence shaped me in ways I am still discovering."

Can I use humor in the eulogy if our relationship was strained?

If humor feels natural to you and your brother would have appreciated it, it’s acceptable to include. Make sure any jokes or humorous anecdotes are in good taste and not at the expense of anyone's feelings.

How can I ensure the eulogy is well-received despite my feelings?

Remember that a eulogy is for both the deceased and the living. Aim to offer comfort and celebrate the life of your brother by focusing on his positive attributes and the love others had for him.

What strategies can be effective for delivering the eulogy when I have mixed emotions?

Try to center yourself before speaking, focusing on your breath and the intention behind the eulogy. Remember that it's okay to be emotional, and pausing if necessary can be a powerful tool to regain composure.

Can sharing stories about my brother help ease the anger during the eulogy?

Yes, sharing stories can be a cathartic experience and may help highlight the multifaceted nature of your relationship, potentially bringing moments of peace or even closure.

How long should a eulogy be, especially under these sensitive circumstances?

A eulogy typically lasts between 3 to 5 minutes. Given the complexity of your emotions, aim for conciseness to convey your message without being overwhelmed by your feelings.

Can I opt for a poem or a reading instead of a traditional eulogy?

Yes, sharing a poem or a reading can be a beautiful way to honor your brother if a traditional eulogy feels too difficult. This can also allow you to convey sentiment without the stress of finding the perfect words.

Should the eulogy focus more on my brother's life or our relationship?

The eulogy should primarily focus on your brother's life and the effect he had on those around him. You can also reflect on your relationship to a lesser degree if it offers a meaningful perspective on his character.

How do I deal with family members' expectations for the eulogy?

Communicate openly with your family about your intentions for the eulogy. Be clear that you aim to honor your brother respectfully while also being true to your feelings.

Is it necessary to mention that I am angry in the eulogy?

No, it is not necessary or recommended to mention your anger during the eulogy. The focus should be on remembering your brother and offering solace to friends and family.

Can I decline the responsibility of writing or giving the eulogy?

Yes, if writing or delivering the eulogy is too burdensome, it's entirely appropriate to decline or ask someone else to give the eulogy on your behalf.

How can I respectfully acknowledge my brother's flaws during the eulogy?

If you choose to mention your brother's flaws, do so gently and in the context of his humanity. Avoid dwelling on negative aspects; instead, use them to highlight personal growth or challenges overcome.

What if I become too emotional during the eulogy?

Becoming emotional is natural. If this happens, pause, take a breath, and continue when ready. Remember, your audience will likely be very understanding and supportive.

How do I cope with regret or guilt during the process of writing the eulogy?

Recognize that these feelings are normal during the grief process, and allow yourself space to grieve. Writing the eulogy can be part of your journey in coming to terms with these emotions, and if needed, seek support from others.

Should I include apologies in the eulogy?

While you may feel compelled to express apologies, the eulogy should primarily be about celebrating the life of your brother. If you feel the need to apologize, consider doing so privately or in a more personal setting.

Can the eulogy serve as a farewell if my brother and I were estranged?

Absolutely. Writing and delivering a eulogy can be a meaningful way to say goodbye, offering you a chance to express thoughts or feelings that went unsaid during his life.

Writing a eulogy for a brother who you are mad at can be a daunting task. We hope this guide helps you find the words to honor your brother's life while allowing you to heal and find closure. For more tips on writing eulogies and dealing with grief, explore our other articles on Eulogy Assistant. If you found this guide helpful, consider sharing it with others who may be experiencing the same challenging emotions.

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Writing a eulogy for a loved one you have just lost, can be both challenging and painful. Alongside the pressure of delivering a meaningful tribute in front of other funeral guests.

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