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Smart Cremation vs Neptune Society

Smart Cremation vs Neptune Society

If you're planning for a loved one's future memorial service or even contemplating your own, you may have come across two prominent names: Smart Cremation and Neptune Society. This article will shine a light on both, allowing you to make an informed decision in a space overflowing with emotion and potential stress.

Understanding the Basics

The death of a loved one is a grief-loaded time often marked by the tough task of organizing memorial services. Popular alternatives to traditional burial include Smart Cremation and the Neptune Society, which provide budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious options.

What is Smart Cremation?

Smart Cremation is a funeral service provider known for offering efficient cremation services across California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. Their motto 'Simplicity, Savings, and Solace' says it all.

What is the Neptune Society?

The Neptune Society has been providing cremation services since 1973. Their mission is to offer simple, respectful, and affordable cremation options at a time when compassion and understanding are needed most.

Services Comparison

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It's crucial to understand the different services provided by each entity for a comprehensive comparison.

Smart Cremation

  • Preneed Cremation: This plan allows individuals to pre-plan their cremation service.
  • At-Need Cremation: Services provided when an unanticipated death occurs.
  • Veteran Cremation: Special compassionate services tailored for veterans.

Neptune Society

  • Prepaid Cremation: Neptune allows you to plan and pay for your cremation in advance to remove the financial burden on your loved ones.
  • Immediate Need services: Arrangements made for a loved one who has passed away.
  • Travel Protection Plan: This offers coverage for those who travel.

Smart Cremation vs Neptune Society Example:

Let's take a real-life instance of John, who wanted to pre-plan his cremation to relieve his children of this responsibility. He compared Smart Cremation and Neptune Society, weighing their services and prices.

John found that while Smart Cremation was more affordable, the Neptune Society offered more comprehensive services, like a travel protection plan, that appealed to his frequent traveller lifestyle.

Choosing between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society can boil down to personal preferences, financial capacity, and the unique services each provides. Spend time thoughtfully considering your options, and you will eventually find what suits your needs the best.

Smart Cremation vs Neptune Society Details

In the realm of cremation services, two names often come to the forefront: Smart Cremation and Neptune Society. Both companies are prominent in the industry, offering cremation services across various states. However, when it comes to choosing between them, understanding their differences in services, pricing, customer experience, and unique features becomes crucial. This article aims to provide a detailed comparison of Smart Cremation and Neptune Society, helping individuals make an informed decision for their or their loved ones' final arrangements.

Background and Reach

Smart Cremation, established in 2009, has built a reputation for providing affordable and straightforward cremation services. They operate in several states, focusing on simplifying the cremation process and offering a range of customizable options.

Neptune Society, on the other hand, has been a long-standing player in the industry, founded in [Year]. They have a wider national presence and are known for their comprehensive cremation packages, which often include pre-planning services.

Services Offered

Both Smart Cremation and Neptune Society offer direct cremation services, which is a basic cremation without a formal funeral or memorial service. However, Neptune Society extends beyond this with more comprehensive service packages. These packages can include memorial services, a variety of urn options, and support with planning and paperwork.

Smart Cremation focuses more on the direct cremation aspect, appealing to those who prefer a no-frills approach. They offer a straightforward process, which can be particularly appealing for those dealing with sudden loss and seeking uncomplicated arrangements.

Pricing Structure

One of the most significant differences between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society is their pricing structure. Smart Cremation prides itself on transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Their packages are generally more affordable, offering a basic direct cremation service at a lower price point compared to Neptune Society.

Neptune Society’s pricing, while higher, reflects their more comprehensive service offerings. Their packages include various elements that are not typically covered in Smart Cremation’s basic offering, such as assistance with obituaries, a wider selection of urns, and support in hosting memorial services.

Pre-Planning Services

A key area where Neptune Society stands out is in their pre-planning services. They offer detailed planning for individuals who wish to make arrangements for their cremation well in advance. This service includes consultation on various options, handling of paperwork, and financial planning.

Smart Cremation, while offering pre-planning, has a more streamlined approach. Their pre-planning services are focused primarily on the cremation process itself, without the extensive additional options provided by Neptune Society.

Customer Experience and Support

Both companies have reputations for compassionate customer service, which is crucial in this sensitive industry. Neptune Society is often commended for their comprehensive support, helping families through each step of the process, including grief counseling resources.

Smart Cremation receives accolades for their efficient and straightforward approach, making the process less overwhelming for families during a difficult time. Their customer service is focused on ensuring a hassle-free experience, with quick response times and clear communication.

Unique Features

Each company has unique features that set them apart. Smart Cremation offers an eco-friendly cremation option, appealing to environmentally conscious individuals. They also provide a straightforward online arrangement process, making it accessible for those who prefer to handle arrangements remotely.

Neptune Society, in contrast, offers the option of scattering ashes at sea, a service that is unique and can be meaningful for many families. They also have a more extensive range of memorial service options, catering to different preferences and religious or cultural practices.


In conclusion, the choice between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society depends largely on individual needs and preferences. For those seeking a basic, affordable cremation service without additional services, Smart Cremation is an excellent choice. Its straightforward, no-frills approach is geared towards simplicity and efficiency.

For individuals or families looking for a more comprehensive service that includes pre-planning, a range of memorial options, and additional support, Neptune Society offers a more robust package. Their national presence and wide range of services make them a suitable option for those who prefer a more inclusive approach to cremation planning.

Ultimately, the decision will depend on factors such as budget, the level of service desired, and specific needs related to pre-planning and memorialization. Both Smart Cremation and Neptune Society offer dignified and respectful services, each with its unique strengths and offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Smart Cremation and Neptune Society?

Smart Cremation and Neptune Society are two companies that provide cremation services. They offer various cremation plans and related services, catering to different needs and preferences regarding after-life care.

How Do Smart Cremation and Neptune Society Differ?

The primary difference lies in their service models and packages. Smart Cremation tends to focus on simplicity and affordability, while Neptune Society offers more comprehensive service packages, often including pre-planning options.

What Services Does Smart Cremation Offer?

Smart Cremation offers direct cremation services, which typically include the transportation of the body, the cremation process itself, and the return of the ashes to the family.

What Services Does Neptune Society Offer?

Neptune Society offers a range of services including cremation pre-planning, immediate need cremation, and burial services. They also provide options for memorial services and scattering of ashes.

Is Pre-Planning Available with Both Smart Cremation and Neptune Society?

Yes, both companies offer pre-planning services. Neptune Society is particularly known for its comprehensive pre-planning options.

How Do the Costs Compare Between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society?

Costs can vary, but generally, Smart Cremation is known for its more budget-friendly options, while Neptune Society offers more comprehensive plans which might be higher in price.

Are Both Companies Available Nationwide?

Neptune Society has a wider national presence compared to Smart Cremation, which operates in select states. It’s important to check the availability in your specific area.

How Do I Choose Between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society?

Your choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences for additional services like pre-planning, memorial services, and the handling of the ashes.

Can I Transfer My Plan From One Company to Another?

Transferring plans can be complex and may incur additional costs. It's crucial to discuss this with the service provider before making any decisions.

Do Both Companies Offer Eco-Friendly Cremation Options?

Both companies may offer eco-friendly options, but it's advisable to directly inquire with them about the specifics of their environmentally conscious practices.

How Are the Ashes Returned to the Family?

Both companies typically return ashes in a basic urn or container, with options to purchase more personalized or decorative urns.

Do Smart Cremation and Neptune Society Handle Paperwork and Permits?

Yes, both companies generally handle necessary paperwork and permits required for the cremation process as part of their services.

What Kind of Customer Support Can I Expect from These Companies?

Both Smart Cremation and Neptune Society offer customer support, but their approaches and availability might differ. It’s important to evaluate their responsiveness and support quality.

Are There Any Hidden Costs With These Services?

While both companies aim for transparency, it’s crucial to carefully review the contract and ask about any potential additional costs that might not be included in the basic package.

How Do I Start the Pre-Planning Process with These Companies?

You can start the pre-planning process by contacting them directly, either through their website or by phone, to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

Can I Personalize the Cremation Services?

Both companies offer some level of personalization, but the extent and cost will vary. Discuss specific personalization options with each provider.

How Do Online Reviews Compare Between Smart Cremation and Neptune Society?

Online reviews vary, so it’s beneficial to read current testimonials and reviews to compare customer experiences and satisfaction levels.

What Happens If I Move to a Different State?

The portability of your plan depends on the company's policies and geographic coverage. It’s important to discuss relocation scenarios with them.

Can I Arrange for a Memorial Service Through These Companies?

Neptune Society offers more extensive options for memorial services, while Smart Cremation’s focus is more on the direct cremation process. However, both might assist in organizing a memorial service.

How Do These Companies Handle the Transfer of the Deceased?

Both companies handle the transportation of the deceased as part of their services, ensuring respectful and professional transfer to their facilities.

What Should I Consider When Making a Decision for Cremation Services?

Consider factors like cost, the range of services offered, company reputation, customer service quality, and any specific needs or wishes you have for the cremation process and after-care.

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