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Cremation Packages

Grieving the loss of a loved one is always a tough process to navigate through. When mourning, the last thing you want to worry about is arranging a befitting send-off, and that's where cremation packages come in. In this article, we'll shed light on cremation packages, demystifying every detail involved so you can make an informed decision.

Understanding Cremation Packages

A cremation package is a plan that involves services rendered by funeral homes to make the ordeal of losing a loved one less burdensome. It encompasses products and services from cremation itself to scattering or interment of ashes, providing relief during a tough time.

Components of a Cremation Package

A standard cremation package comprises several essential elements, including:

  1. Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home or crematorium.
  2. Preparation of the deceased, like embalming.
  3. Cremation ceremony or service.
  4. Cremation of the body.
  5. Handling, storage, or shipment of the urn with the ashes.

Types of Cremation Packages

There are typically three types of cremation packages

  • Direct Cremation: This is the most straightforward and affordable package. It involves the collection of the body, transportation to the crematorium, the cremation process and returning the ashes in a simple container.
  • Cremation with Memorial Service: This package includes a send-off service before or after cremation. It may comprise a viewing of the body, funeral service or a memorial service.
  • Full-service Cremation: This is the most comprehensive package, including all aspects of a traditional burial service, but concludes with cremation instead of burial.

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Cremation Packages Example:

One of our valued clients, John, recently lost his beloved mother, Sarah. Besides mourning Sarah's demise, John was overwhelmed with managing the dynamics of a funeral. He decided to choose our full-service cremation package.

Upon contacting us, we took over the entire process - we transported Sarah's body to our facilities, prepared her for the funeral, held a meaningful funeral ceremony and conducted the cremation. The ashes were returned to John in a beautifully crafted urn. John appreciated our thoroughness and professionalism, and the experience provided him with the solace and closure he needed.

Knowing what cremation packages involve helps to eliminate the guesswork during the tough times of losing a loved one. Prepare ahead and choose a package that meets your personal preferences and budget, and remember, we at Eulogy Assistant are here to provide guidance every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in a cremation package?

Cremation packages typically include the transportation of the deceased to the crematory, the cremation process itself, basic cremation container, and the return of the ashes in an urn or temporary container. Additional services may vary depending on the selected package, such as a memorial service, viewing, or additional documentation handling.

Is there a difference between direct cremation and other cremation packages?

Yes, direct cremation involves the cremation of the deceased without a preceding funeral service or viewing and is usually the most affordable option. Other cremation packages may include additional services like a memorial ceremony, a visually appealing urn, or even the preparation of death certificates and permits.

Can I customize a cremation package?

Many cremation service providers offer customizable options to meet the specific wishes or budgetary needs of clients. This could involve selecting different services, types of urns, or other memorial products.

How are cremation costs determined?

The costs for cremation packages can vary widely based on the services included, your geographic location, the cremation facility, and the type of urn or other memorial products you select.

Are there additional hidden costs with cremation packages?

Reputable service providers should outline all costs upfront in the cremation package. It's important to ask for a detailed price list and understand what is included in the quoted price to avoid any unexpected expenses, such as cemetery fees or obituary notices.

Is embalming required for cremation?

Embalming is generally not required for cremation, especially for direct cremation. If there is a public viewing or funeral service before the cremation, embalming may be necessary or recommended.

What happens if the deceased had a pacemaker or other medical device?

Medical devices, particularly those with batteries like a pacemaker, must be removed before cremation due to the risk of explosion and potential damage to the cremation chamber. This is typically handled by the crematory staff.

How long does the cremation process take?

The actual process of cremation can take several hours, but the total time from the collection of the body to the return of ashes can be days to a week, depending on various factors such as the chosen service provider and legal documentation processing.

What can be done with the ashes after cremation?

Cremated remains can be kept in an urn, scattered at a meaningful location, buried in a cemetery plot, placed in a columbarium niche, or even turned into jewelry or other keepsakes. The choice depends on personal preferences and possibly local laws.

Is a casket needed for cremation?

No, a traditional casket is not required for cremation. A simple and combustible cremation container is typically used for the process. However, you may opt for a casket if there is to be a viewing or funeral service prior to cremation.

Can the family witness the cremation?

Many facilities allow and can accommodate families who wish to be present during the cremation. This might be part of a special package, so be sure to inquire with the service provider about this option.

What kind of urn will I receive with a cremation package?

Depending on the cremation package, you may receive a standard temporary urn or the option to select a more decorative urn. Providers often have a variety of styles to choose from for an additional cost.

How do I know I am receiving the correct ashes?

Reputable crematories have strict policies and procedures to ensure and track the identity of the remains throughout the entire process. They employ identification tags and certificates of cremation to guarantee that the correct ashes are returned to the family.

Are there eco-friendly cremation options?

Eco-friendly cremation options, such as biodegradable urns or green cremation methods like alkaline hydrolysis, also known as water cremation, are available with certain service providers for those looking for a more environmentally conscious choice.

Can I prepay for a cremation package?

Yes, most cremation service providers offer the ability to prepay for services. This can lock in current prices, ease the financial burden on surviving family members, and ensure your final wishes are respected.

Is financial assistance available for cremation services?

Financial assistance for cremation services may be available through local government programs, veterans' benefits, or charitable organizations. Speak with your service provider about potential options.

What documents are required for cremation to proceed?

Necessary documents typically include a death certificate, a cremation authorization form signed by next of kin, and any permits required by local laws. The funeral home or cremation provider will help you obtain and complete these documents.

Can cremation be arranged online?

Many cremation providers offer online arrangements, allowing you to select and pay for cremation services from the comfort of your home. This can be an efficient and comforting option for those dealing with loss.

How can I be sure I am choosing a reputable cremation provider?

Research providers by reading online reviews, asking for recommendations from friends or family who have had similar needs, checking with local consumer protection agencies, and directly inquiring about the provider's policies and procedures.

Is it possible to have a traditional funeral service with cremation?

Yes, you can choose to have a traditional funeral service with cremation. Some families opt for a funeral service with the body present before cremation, and others prefer a memorial service with the urn present after cremation.

How do I transport cremated remains after the service?

Cremated remains can be transported by the family in the urn or temporary container provided. If transportation is over a long distance or involves air travel, check with the specific carrier for their policies and prepare the necessary documentation for travel.

Can multiple cremations be performed at once?

No, standard practice is to perform individual cremations to ensure the integrity of the process and that family members receive only their loved one's ashes. This rule is part of the ethical standards adopted by reputable crematories.

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